Relationship Building Tips and Reminders

  1. Schedule all key stakeholders for an individual interview (in person if possible) before a solution is defined.
  2. Learn all you can about your client’s cultural history, outlining key events that led up to their present situation and needs.
  3. Determine the client’s preferred form and style for proposals (media, level of formality, level of detail, etc.) before documenting the solution.
  4. Differentiate stakeholders as decision makers, influencers, and implementors and identify what each one expects from the project.
  5. Determine which decisions and approvals require consensus and which do not.
  6. Gain agreement from suppliers and clients on what will be measured and the measurement tools to be used.
  7. Define a solution that will meet the customer’s needs, then plan to over-deliver by adding value.
  8. Use clear benefits statements in addition to tangible outcomes when defining the project solution.
  9. Use terms and units of measure with which the client is familiar.
  10. Know (in advance) the specific criteria that will be used in the approval process (by both decision makers and influencers), and address them in the definition.

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